We are located in Northwest Oklahoma at the start of the beautiful Gloss Mountains. Local tourist attractions include the Gloss Mountain State Park, Little Sahara State Park, Alabaster Caverns State Park and Roman Nose State Park. We are a beef cattle operation by trade but have dedicated 80 acres at our home site to raising the majestic Ankole Watusi. Our selective breeding program strives to produce the largest horn in the breed along with different color variations. We have traveled all over the U.S. to put together a herd of cows from the largest horned bloodlines in the breed. All of our Watusi are registered with the World Watusi Association and are DNA tested for parentage to guarantee our customers the quality of their investment. Watusi is known as the Cattle of Kings and is the largest horned breed of cattle in the world. Our breeding program's goal is to produce the largest horned cattle in the U.S. with a combination of mass and extreme length genetics. We are using a strict breeding program utilizing artificial insemination from proven giant horn producing sires to help achieve this goal. We welcome visitors who share the love of this majestic breed of cattle.


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